Four Easy Ways to Add Charm to Any Room – Vintage Accents for the Modern Home May 04, 2015 09:50

Vintage means different things to different people, and home decorators often select vintage home décor accessories because of the specific niche into which they fall. From industrial to rustic to shabby chic, there are a variety of easy ways to incorporate vintage charm into any room of your home. By focusing on a specific aspect of vintage style, you can fill your home with interesting accents that echo your personal aesthetic and make your home a one-of-a-kind space. 


The Welcoming Rustic Entryway


With weathered details and worn in finishes, rustic accents can fill a space with the type of casual style that makes people feel welcome in your home. An entryway sets the tone for your entire living space, and adding one or two rustic details in your foyer can bring both beauty and function to a space that is often underused and overlooked when it comes to home decoration. To maximize the use of a small entryway, choose a vintage wall mirror with functional details, such as coat hooks or ledges, that do double duty by providing useful storage.



The Shabby Chic Bedroom Retreat


We love shabby chic décor for its romantic, feminine charm, soft colors, and gently distressed details. Whether you’re decorating a bedroom for a young girl or a mature woman, shabby chic home lighting décor can set a mood that’s soft, welcoming, and allows you to rest and relax in vintage style. Look for table lamps with candlestick bases and petite shades to really capture that sense of vintage spirit. 


The Classic Country Kitchen


The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home, and it can be the most fun to decorate. You can create a sleek and modern chef’s kitchen, a retro design with chrome metal accents and pop colors, or a quaint, country look in traditional, classic hues. For the classic country kitchen look, choose accents that can be personalized and used for function, such as a decorative chalkboard.


The Industrial Living Room or Home Office


Vintage accents with an industrial edge are easy to incorporate into a variety of different room designs. Whether you live in a suburban townhome or a chic urban loft, you can easily add a touch of industrial charm to your living room or office with a decorative metal wall sign. Look for pieces with exposed rivets, brushed metal finishes, and clean lines to capture the essence of vintage-inspired style with an industrial twist.



Give your home a fresh update this summer with decorative details that add personal distinction to your living space. No matter what type of vintage style you prefer or what room you’re looking to decorate, you can find home décor accessories and decorative accents that will tap right into your sense of style. Shop for dozens of ideas of how you can personalize your modern home with vintage charm

Update Your Entryway for Spring 2015 - Statement Mirrors to Reflect Your Style April 29, 2015 17:10

While any mirror can be used to reflect your image, a decorative wall mirror in a distinctive shape or an eye-catching frame will also reflect your style. Mirrors come in just about every size, shape, and finish you can imagine, but the best ones are those that capture a mood and make a statement that’s a perfect reflection of your decorating style, no matter what that style is.


Whether your home is outfitted with rustic or nautical décor, traditional or contemporary style, or vintage-inspired shabby chic charm, a large wall mirror in the entryway of your home serves as a dual-purpose element of design. It offers a place to get that last glimpse of yourself before you leave the house, and it also sets the mood and tone for your home as soon as you enter the door.


Rustic Wood Mirrors


A wooden mirror with a rustic, painted finish can add color, charm, and a bit of natural beauty to any home interior. A weathered, antiqued frame with chipped painted and nicked edges is the perfect addition to an entryway of a home decorated with reclaimed wood accents or seaside-inspired nautical décor. Look for pops of color and distinctive details to match or contrast with your existing color scheme and interior finishes.

Mirrors in Unexpected Shapes and Sizes


If your style is contemporary chic, a mirror in an interesting shape is a great way to reinforce that style in a unique and unexpected way. In a contemporary space, a large octagon mirror can help to offset, yet complement, the clean lines and minimalist décor throughout your house. A geometric mirror can look equally as lovely in an entryway of a traditional home sprinkled with eclectic accents and old-world charm.



Shabby Chic Wall Mirrors


In a home decorated in shabby chic style, a vintage-inspired wall mirror can be used as a way to incorporate both fashion and function into your entryway. Hang a gently distressed wall mirror with coat hooks near a door so that you’ll always have a convenient place to hang coats, scarves, purses, and keys. Look for mirrors with ledges or shelves that can also be used to display decorative accents or small mementos.



Decorative Wall Mirrors for Every Style


Regardless of your decorating style, a wall mirror is one accent piece that most home decorators can agree is an essential addition to any interior space. By simply hanging a mirror in your entryway, you can instantly update your home and make your style known to anyone who crosses your threshold. Shop for decorative wall mirrors and more ideas to transform your entryway.



Create Ambiance Where it Matters Most – Bedroom Lamps for Every Style April 27, 2015 09:32

While overhead lighting may be essential in a work space or a dining area, it’s something that most people do not want in their bedrooms. Your bedroom should be your personal sanctuary, the place where you can go to sleep, dream, and unwind, and there’s no easier way to set the mood for rest and relaxation than with the right kind of table lamps beside your bed.


From vintage designs to traditional looks to shabby chic styles, table lamps are available in a wide range of options that can be easily coordinated into any room design. Decorating trends come and go, but one element of interior design that has never lost its cache is the notion of having beautiful table lamps on either side of your bed.


Vintage Table Lamps


Whether your bedroom is minimalist and chic, comfortable yet contemporary, or decorated with accents of old Hollywood glamour, vintage table lamps add beauty and the essential lighting that you cannot do without. Vintage bedroom table lamps with small metal bases and crisp white shades can be coordinated into just about any room, no matter what your style is.


Traditional Bedroom Table Lamps


In a bedroom decorated with dark wood furniture or antique bronze accents, a set of traditional bedroom table lamps is the obvious, and perfect, choice. Detailed with scrolled bases, ornate accents, and off-white shades, a pair of iron table lamps can flank your bed with the sort of sophistication and casual elegance that never goes out of style.



Shabby Chic Table Lamps


Shabby chic style is beloved for its blend of cozy, casual charm and treasured antique appeal. If you are searching for table lamps for bedroom designs that capture the shabby chic aesthetic, a whitewashed candlestick spindle lamp is sure to do the trick. A shabby chic table lamp can add a touch of casual romance or even be used in a child’s room decorated with vibrant color and whimsical details.



Bedroom Lamps Shine a Light on Your Style


From aluminum table lamps to rustic vintage designs to ornate scrolled options, bedroom table lamps come in all shapes and sizes to suit your mood and style. In smooth brushed nickel, distressed wood designs, or antique bronze finishes, a pair of matching bedside table lamps adds beauty to your bedroom and offers the light source you need to create just the right mood. Shop a variety of table lamps in different shapes and styles at





Wall Hangings: A Fresh Alternative to Framed Art April 22, 2015 09:01

We all want our home to be a reflection of our style and an expression of our own personality, but finding the right decorative pieces to do so can sometimes be a challenge. When it comes to decorating your walls, many home decorators fall back on the tradition of framing art prints, rolling out tapestries, or hanging a simple mirror. But there’s one fresh idea that we find is often overlooked – decorative wall hangings.


Wall hangings come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures, all of which can be used to capture the essence of your home and amp up your decorating style. From vintage-inspired pieces to industrial designs, wall hangings are an easy way to add a unique touch to your interior space.

Metal Wall Hangings


From simple and chic to bold and boisterous, metal wall hangings are often as much a conversation piece as they are a decorative accent. Often constructed with galvanized steel finishes and exposed rivets, metal wall hangings blend contemporary charm with industrial style that makes them versatile and impossible to ignore.



Vintage Wall Hangings


If you are looking for a touch of romance, beauty, and old-world charm, a vintage wall hanging can be just what you need. In distressed, rustic finishes with scrolled details or floral accents, vintage wall hangings let you add a bit of shabby chic sophistication to any room in your home.



Whimsical Wall Hangings


If it’s a touch of unexpected style or whimsy that you’re in search of, a quirky wall hanging with lights can be a great way to create a focal point on an accent wall. Reminiscent of vintage roadside signs from days gone by, light fixture wall hangings shine bright in more ways than one.



Removable Wall Hangings


Removable wall hangings offer a level of versatility that makes it easy to decorate and redecorate as often as you wish. A lightweight wall hanging is perfect for the decorator who loves to change up their interior every season or move pieces from room to room as the decorating bug bites. It is easier, and safer, to move a wall hanging from place to place than it is to have to haul a heavy mirror or endure the expensive process of framing a new piece of art.


No matter what style you seek or what mood you want to express in your home, wall hangings are an easy and affordable way to give your home a fresh and modern look. Shop wall décor at for fresh ideas and new designs!



Rustic Done the Right Way – Three Wood Cabinets to Transform Your Home April 17, 2015 23:39

What we love most about rustic décor is its versatility, and we seek out pieces that have that farmhouse-chic spirit but look perfectly at home in our modern spaces. Weathered edges, chipped paint, and distressed finishes add interest and personal charm to these decorative accents, and when those details come across on a piece that has functional utility as well, it’s hard to resist. Rustic wood cabinets that capture the beauty and offer the function of vintage furniture have the ability to turn our homes into unique spaces full of personal style.

 With drawers, without doors, hung on a wall, or positioned on a table top, there are a variety of wooden cabinets available that offer that perfect blend of rustic spirit and modern function. Whether you have small items to put on display or unsightly clutter that needs to be hidden from view, a rustic storage cabinet can be the perfect addition to any room.

Entryway Wall Cabinets

Wall cabinets with doors, hooks, shelves, or drawers make perfect sense in an entryway of your home. Whether you want to display knickknacks and mementos or provide a storage space for keys and gloves, a rustic wall cabinet in a vintage-inspired color can be enjoyed as both a thing of beauty and a functional storage space. Look for distinctive details such as distressed edges, vintage door knobs, and rusted hinges that give it an authentic, vintage look.

Entryway Wall Cabinets

Desk Cabinets

Loaded with drawers, cubbies, and shelves that provide excellent storage and organizational solutions, a rustic schoolhouse desk cabinet can add an endearing quality to any home or work space. Often detailed with metal label holders, open storage spaces, or drawers to conceal clutter, a vintage desk top cabinet can be an eye-catching accent piece that provides more function than you ever knew you needed.

Desk Cabinets

Display Cabinets

When searching for a display cabinet that has the rustic look you love so much, choose a wood cabinet with farmhouse-inspired accents such as wire mesh doors and distressed metal knobs. A wood wall cabinet with a chicken wire door offers versatility for use in a casual living room, a dining area accented with antique décor, or a mud room that needs a stylish touch. It is perfect for displaying all sorts of home accents and personal items.

Spruce up or redecorate your home with hand-selected rustic cabinets that truly appeal to your sense of style and fit with your existing design aesthetic. Small, large, hanging, or freestanding, a wood wall cabinet can inspire you to put treasured items on display or make you rethink the way you organize items around the home. Shop to see more storage ideas and explore a selection of rustic cabinets that fit your home and style.

Display Cabinets

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