Update Your Entryway for Spring 2015 - Statement Mirrors to Reflect Your Style

While any mirror can be used to reflect your image, a decorative wall mirror in a distinctive shape or an eye-catching frame will also reflect your style. Mirrors come in just about every size, shape, and finish you can imagine, but the best ones are those that capture a mood and make a statement that’s a perfect reflection of your decorating style, no matter what that style is.


Whether your home is outfitted with rustic or nautical décor, traditional or contemporary style, or vintage-inspired shabby chic charm, a large wall mirror in the entryway of your home serves as a dual-purpose element of design. It offers a place to get that last glimpse of yourself before you leave the house, and it also sets the mood and tone for your home as soon as you enter the door.


Rustic Wood Mirrors


A wooden mirror with a rustic, painted finish can add color, charm, and a bit of natural beauty to any home interior. A weathered, antiqued frame with chipped painted and nicked edges is the perfect addition to an entryway of a home decorated with reclaimed wood accents or seaside-inspired nautical décor. Look for pops of color and distinctive details to match or contrast with your existing color scheme and interior finishes.

Mirrors in Unexpected Shapes and Sizes


If your style is contemporary chic, a mirror in an interesting shape is a great way to reinforce that style in a unique and unexpected way. In a contemporary space, a large octagon mirror can help to offset, yet complement, the clean lines and minimalist décor throughout your house. A geometric mirror can look equally as lovely in an entryway of a traditional home sprinkled with eclectic accents and old-world charm.



Shabby Chic Wall Mirrors


In a home decorated in shabby chic style, a vintage-inspired wall mirror can be used as a way to incorporate both fashion and function into your entryway. Hang a gently distressed wall mirror with coat hooks near a door so that you’ll always have a convenient place to hang coats, scarves, purses, and keys. Look for mirrors with ledges or shelves that can also be used to display decorative accents or small mementos.



Decorative Wall Mirrors for Every Style


Regardless of your decorating style, a wall mirror is one accent piece that most home decorators can agree is an essential addition to any interior space. By simply hanging a mirror in your entryway, you can instantly update your home and make your style known to anyone who crosses your threshold. Shop lightaccents.com for decorative wall mirrors and more ideas to transform your entryway.



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