Create Ambiance Where it Matters Most – Bedroom Lamps for Every Style

While overhead lighting may be essential in a work space or a dining area, it’s something that most people do not want in their bedrooms. Your bedroom should be your personal sanctuary, the place where you can go to sleep, dream, and unwind, and there’s no easier way to set the mood for rest and relaxation than with the right kind of table lamps beside your bed.


From vintage designs to traditional looks to shabby chic styles, table lamps are available in a wide range of options that can be easily coordinated into any room design. Decorating trends come and go, but one element of interior design that has never lost its cache is the notion of having beautiful table lamps on either side of your bed.


Vintage Table Lamps


Whether your bedroom is minimalist and chic, comfortable yet contemporary, or decorated with accents of old Hollywood glamour, vintage table lamps add beauty and the essential lighting that you cannot do without. Vintage bedroom table lamps with small metal bases and crisp white shades can be coordinated into just about any room, no matter what your style is.


Traditional Bedroom Table Lamps


In a bedroom decorated with dark wood furniture or antique bronze accents, a set of traditional bedroom table lamps is the obvious, and perfect, choice. Detailed with scrolled bases, ornate accents, and off-white shades, a pair of iron table lamps can flank your bed with the sort of sophistication and casual elegance that never goes out of style.



Shabby Chic Table Lamps


Shabby chic style is beloved for its blend of cozy, casual charm and treasured antique appeal. If you are searching for table lamps for bedroom designs that capture the shabby chic aesthetic, a whitewashed candlestick spindle lamp is sure to do the trick. A shabby chic table lamp can add a touch of casual romance or even be used in a child’s room decorated with vibrant color and whimsical details.



Bedroom Lamps Shine a Light on Your Style


From aluminum table lamps to rustic vintage designs to ornate scrolled options, bedroom table lamps come in all shapes and sizes to suit your mood and style. In smooth brushed nickel, distressed wood designs, or antique bronze finishes, a pair of matching bedside table lamps adds beauty to your bedroom and offers the light source you need to create just the right mood. Shop a variety of table lamps in different shapes and styles at





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