Waverly – Cotton Laundry Bin With Fabric Handles – Laundry Hamper – Floral Print – Damask – Shabby Chic –

$45.00 $49.95

COTTON FABRIC LAUNDRY BIN WITH HANDLES: With an open top design, this laundry bin makes it easy to gather and collect dirty clothing, sheets, linens, and towels.
FABRIC HANDLES MAKE IT EASY TO CARRY TO AND FROM THE LAUNDRY ROOM: Sturdy cotton fabric handles make this laundry hamper easy to carry from your bedroom to your laundry room.
AVAILABLE IN STYLISH FLORAL AND DAMASK PRINTS: Choose from floral prints or damask patterns to suit your personal style or coordinate with your bedroom decor.
ADDS A STYLISH TOUCH TO ANY BEDROOM OR CLOSET: Lined with a solid color, this laundry hamper adds both beauty and function to your bedroom and can be positioned in a corner of the room or concealed inside a closet.

Available in stylish floral prints and vintage-inspired damask patterns, this cotton laundry bin provides a stylish solution for dirty clothing and linens that need to be cleaned. The Waverly – Cotton Laundry Bin With Fabric Handles – Laundry Hamper is made from durable cotton fabric and features a structured shape with an eye-catching allover print, a solid fabric lining, and matching fabric handles that make it easy to carry to and from your laundry room. Perfect for placing in the corner of a bedroom or in the bottom of a closet, this laundry bin has a stylish, shabby chic look that makes it easy to coordinate into any casual room design. Use one of these laundry bins to collect all of your dirty items throughout the week or order more than one bin to create an organized solution where you can keep dirty clothing separate from dirty sheets and wet towels. Measures: L:15 in. x W:10 in. x H:16.5 in.
Item Number: STR-TM-10676-EX1-FBA-

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