Led Light Bulbs Dimmable, 4w (40 Watt Candelabra Bulbs Equivalent), 400 Lumens, 2700k, Warm White, Omnidirectional, Candelabra Led Light Bulbs Base, E12 Led Bulb, 120v E12 Bulb Led Candelabra Bulbs Indoor Outdoor UL-listed.

$13.95 $29.95

This is your best 40 Watt Incandescent Candelabra Base Replacement Bulb. Use these indoor or outdoor in your lighting fixtures. With a light output of over 600 lumens, this LED filament light bulb replaces all your current energy wasting 40-watt incandescent bulbs. Using only 6 watts of power this bulb puts out the same light brightness as a 40-watt candelabra base incandescent bulb.

The LED Bulb is 2700K warm light which is also identical to your 40 Watt incandescent bulb. Replace all your standard E12 Candelabra base bulbs with this filament bulb and save over half the cost in electricity. These bulbs pay for themselves by saving you money on electricity.

Energy Saving: This 6W LED filament bulb can easily replace 40W incandescent bulb, saving over 90% electricity, you can save up 11/dollars a year(base on 5hrs/day 11¢/kW.h). Long life reduces the hassle of replacing bulbs so often. Light Accents LED bulb average life is 30,000 hours, effectively reduces frequency of changing light bulbs, compare to standard incandescent light bulbs which last only about 1500 hours or less.90 COLOR RENDERING INDEX 360 DEGREE LIGHT DISTRIBUTION
Best color rendering of any LED bulb

The color rendering index(CRI) is the ability to restore color. Daylight color rendering index is 100, incandescent lamp is 100, LED is 70-90. The lower the CRI, the more visually distorted the color. CRLight's LEDs CRI is all above 80 Ra.

With an output color temperature of 2700K our bulbs look exactly like the 40 watt incandescent bulbs you are used to using. See what our customers are saying "Very impressed by the color and appearance of this bulb. Replaced 3 40W incandescent bulbs and now I'm getting brighter light for less than half the wattage of just one of the previous incandescent bulbs."
  • Newest Led Light Bulb Filament Technology: These Light Bulbs Are The True Replacement For The Standard Incandescent Light Bulb. If You Need A E12 Candelabra Bulb 40 Watt Equivalent This Is Perfect.
  • Dimmable Candelabra Led Bulbs: Advanced Smooth Dimmable Functionality Use As Chandelier Led Light Bulbs Or For A Vanity Light Bulb. This Advanced Bright Bulb Features Smooth Dimming Technology.
  • Led Candelabra Light Bulbs Specs 4 Watt Led Filament Bulb E12 Led Bulb Dimmable (candelabra Base) Clear Glass 2700k Warm Light Full 360 Degrees Light Output Torpedo Shaped Modern Flame Tip Alternative
  • Led Candelabra Bulb For Indoor & Outdoor Use This Bulb Works With Indoor Light Fixtures As Well As Outdoor Enclosed Light Fixtures. Use On Your Outside Fixtures For A Warm White Welcoming Bright Light
  • Energy Saving E12 Bulb: Up To 90% Energy Savings, Rated For Up To 30000 Life Hours. This Led Is Energy Efficient And Will Save You Money On Your Electric Bill.

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MEASURES: 11.75 Inches long by 11.75 Inches Wide by 71.25 Inches Tall


Side Reading Light makes this a great floor lamp for the living room. Placed next to a couch this lamp features a fully adjustable side reading light that has its own on/off switch. Use this reading light alone or in conjunction with the main light.


Independent Main Light Switch allows you to turn on the room light while keeping the reading light off.

The separate switches give you the flexibility to have the room light on and the reading light on or just turn on the reading light when you feel like just lighting up your book.


The reading light on this floor lamp is adjustable. It features a metal gooseneck which can be positioned in any spot and it stays in place. The head has its own on/off switch allowing you the option to turn it on or off independently from the main light of the floor lamp.

Solid and reliable lamp


Nice lamp at a good price. I Like that it has the torch light and reading light. Don't forget to dust the torch light fixture weekly - they can be dangerous if you let dust build up.

The base is stable and the switches operate solidly. I can get room light or just a light over my computer station, or both. Not much else to say about a lamp except that it works well and I am glad I chose this one.

Great lamp and great quality.


This a great lamp and exactly what I was looking to purchase. Excellent quality, though I would have preferred a glass shade instead of plastic, but looks great and very pleased. Had no problem with assembly as goes together easily. Great product!! I used a 100w LED daylight bulb and lights up the room perfectly. In the side lamp, I have a 60w daylight LED bulb. The LED bulbs do not get as hot as regular bulbs.


Edward Post

This is a spectacular lighting fixture. I had purchased a less expensive version of this lamp(different manufacturer), and was horribly disappointed in the poor quality. With the usual Amazon Prime ease of return, I did so. This Home Design lamp is my replacement lamp, a little more expensive, but miles ahead in quality. This is a VERY sturdy lamp, and the quality of the metal parts, and electrical connections are the very best. In other words, this lamp is a steel(no pun intended), at the price. I'm going to buy another one.