Raymond Waites – Six Section Decorative Desk Organizer – Desk Tray – Office Supply Organizer – Jewelry Organizer – Jewelry Tray – Geometric – Floral – Shabby Chic –

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SIX SECTION DESK ORGANIZER / OFFICE SUPPLY ORGANIZER / JEWELRY TRAY: Available in floral prints and geometric patterns, this rectangular tray features six separate compartments that offer organized storage in any office or bedroom.
CAN BE USED TO HOLD ALL SORTS OF SMALL ACCESSORIES: Use this geometric print desk tray to hold office supplies, jewelry, and all types of trinkets and personal accessories.
INCLUDES ONE LARGE, TWO MEDIUM, AND THREE SMALL COMPARTMENTS: With one large, two medium, and three small compartments, this organizer is perfect for holding rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, accessories, and office supplies of varied sizes.
PERFECT FOR USE ON A DESK, ON A TABLE, OR INSIDE A DRAWER: Place this organizer on a desk, on a shelf, on an accent table, or inside a drawer to keep items concealed.

With six compartments that range in size from small to large, this desk tray makes it easy to organize jewelry, office supplies, desk accessories, and small personal items on a table, on a desk, or inside a drawer. The Raymond Waites – Six Section Decorative Desk Organizer is made from sturdy fabric and comes in a variety of stylish patterns that feature geometric prints and vintage-inspired floral designs. With a shallow depth that allows you to place it inside a drawer, this stylish organizer makes it easy to reduce clutter and keep important items in an easily accessible place that allows you to find what you’re looking for without delay.In addition to office supplies and desk essentials, this tray is well-suited for use as a jewelry organizer. Use the large compartment to hold chunky necklaces, use the medium sized compartments to hold bangle bracelets and watches, and use the small compartments to hold rings, earrings, and pins. In a bedroom, this tray can be concealed inside a nightstand drawer or placed on top of a dresser or a vanity table.Measures: L:14.88 in. x W:12.94 in. x H:2.3 in.
Large compartment measures: L:4.75 in. x W:12.63 in. x H:2.13 in.
Medium compartment measures: L:4.75 in. x W:6.25 in. x H:2.13 in.
Small compartment measures: L:4.69 in. x W:4.06 in. x H:2.13 in.
Item Number: STR-HG-482-EAV-FBA-

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