Beauty Concepts Ultimate Pedicure Kit

$12.95 $14.95

Four piece pedicure set
Includes a pumice buffer, toe separators to spread your toes apart during toenail polishing, and a microfile to remove dead skin
Protective cover keeps your hands safe from the rough surface of the file
Great for Traveling
Convenient size that can be used at home or packed inside a travel bag

Keep your feet soft and smooth all year round with this convenient little pedicure kit from Beauty Concepts. The Beauty Concepts Smooth Foot Pedicure Kit includes three useful tools to smooth, soften, and treat the rough patches of skin and calluses that form easily on the heels and bottoms of your feet. Available in a range of vibrant colors to suit your personal sense of style or coordinate with your favorite manicure set or other grooming products, this pedicure kit is a must have for men and women who want super smooth skin and well taken care of feet. This pedicure kit includes a waterproof toe separator that isolates and stretches each toe so that you can clean and push back cuticles, file the nail edges, or paint your toenails. It also comes with a microfile for smoothing out rough and tough patches of skin and removing hardened calluses with ease as well as a pumice buffer that’s perfect for softening the heels and hardened areas on the bottom and sides of the feet. The microfile has a rough surface that works hard to clean off dead skin and includes a cap for protection in between uses so that you don’t snag or injure your fingers on the textured surface area. The pieces are small enough to store in any bathroom cabinet or pack inside a travel bag so that you can take care of your feet even when you’re away from home. Whether you like your toenails polished with a fresh color or simply groomed and covered with a clear coat and shine, this pedicure kit allows you to take care of your nails and feet without having to spend countless dollars on spa treatments and visits to the nail salon. At a price you can afford, this pedicure kit allows you to give yourself regular foot treatments right from the comfort of home.
Item Number: BBC-GBACS305-BLU-FBA-

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