It’s easy to cook meals in the dark when you’ve got the Adjustable Aluminum LED Barbecue Light on your side. Made from military grade aluminum and high-impact ABS plastic that provides a sturdy and durable design, this barbecue light is ideal for the grill master who likes to barbecue after the sun goes down.


This unique barbecue light features an adjustable clamp that’s sized to fit most grill handles. It swivels 180 degrees, while the head itself rotates a full 360 degrees, allowing you to cast the light precisely where you need it. 


A simple turning screw makes it easy to attach the clamp to your grills handle, 


Fits most grills with its adjustable solid aluminum clamp. Place it on the handle of your grill and tighten.



With 10 high powered LED lights that create a 6000k light beam, this portable light casts a wide beam of light around your barbecue, making it easy to prep, cook, and put the perfect finishing touches on those tasty grilled meals. Whether you barbecue on the occasional holiday or try to cook as many meals as possible outdoors, this light is a must-have for anyone who’s ever tried to grill burgers, steaks, or veggies in the dark.

iP44 Weather Resistant

Made from military grade aluminum and high-impact ABS plastic. This Barbecue Light is rated iP44 weather Resistant and can be used year round.

Features 10 high powered LED lights 

Pivoting 360 degree head

Pivoting Head puts light exactly where you need it.

  Adjustable 180 degree clamp fits most grill handles

Customer Testimonials

Grilling at night was always a challenge, it was difficult to tell when the meat was cooked just right. Its not a problem any more! 

Martin R, Santa Monica CA

I am really happy with the build quality of the Lightaccents BBQ light. I will be using this in all seasons for years to come.

Michael L , Bradford OH

It was very easy to attach, I few twists of the clamp and it is secure. This is what should have come with my grill.

Bill H, Bronx NY

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Perfect for outdoor bashes, tailgating events, pool parties, and holiday festivities that last well into the night, this barbecue light is portable and ideal for use at home, on the go, or at a campsite. It’s a sturdy and stable design that can be easily packed inside a travel bag or backpack, and when the cooking is over, it can be used to light up any campsite or outdoor space. Turn the light to face your cook top or twist it away from your grill to light up a different area – it offers versatile function to make every barbecued meal easier to cook and better to eat. Made from durable aluminum and ABS with powerful LED lights, this barbecue light is designed for long-lasting, repeated use.


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