Printed Canvas Storage Bins with Handles Nesting (Set of 3)

$59.95 $89.95

Set of 3 Open top Storage Bins
Open top design with cut out handles for easy lifting
Open top design with cut out handles for easy lifting
Made from canvas fabric over board with contrast solid trim around the top
Large: L 19.5 in. x W14.5 in x H 11 in.
Medium: L 15 in. x W11 in x H 9.5 in.
Small: L 11.5 in. x W 11.5 in x H 8 in.

A vintage-inspired baroque print makes this set of nested storage bins a functional and fashionable addition to any home. The Printed Canvas Storage Bins with Handles Nesting (Set of 3) are constructed from two-tone printed canvas fabric over a sturdy board with a contrast solid top and cut out handles on each side. The reinforced handles make them easy to lift and carry from room to room while the open top design lets you quickly sort and separate all types of household items. The neutral vintage screen print gives these storage bins a unique look that can be easily coordinated with any room decorated in shabby chic or modern décor.With one small, one medium, and one large sized bin in each three piece set, this collection of storage containers is the perfect addition to any existing storage system and can also be used on its own in a room with limited storage space or an overflowing collection of clutter. In a living room or family room, these open top bins are perfect for holding papers and magazines, children’s toys, games, and stuffed animals, dog and cat toys and blankets, art supplies and craft supplies, or miscellaneous items that don’t necessarily have their own storage space. In a bedroom, these stylish nested bins can be used to organize clothing, separate clean and dirty laundry, or hold accessories such as belts, scarves, and handbags that can take up too much space in a closet. In your home office or place of business, use these bins to organize important papers, store old files and documents, or provide easy access to office supplies. These bins are also perfect for use in a child’s bedroom or playroom, as the easy open top design can encourage kids to learn how to put toys away and sort their own personal items.

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