Iron And Wood 7 Bottle Wine Rack – Wine Stand – Wine Bottle Holder

$19.95 $59.95

IRON AND WOOD 7 BOTTLE WINE RACK: Store and display up to 7 bottles of wine in this durable metal and wood wine bottle holder.
MADE FROM DURABLE METAL WITH WOOD ON THE TOP AND BOTTOM: With a sturdy wood base and a flat wood top, this wine rack stands up straight with six metal openings in the center to hold your favorite bottles.
PAINTED PARISIAN-INSPIRED PRINT ADDS A STYLISH TOUCH: The top is painted with a Parisian-inspired print, making this wine rack perfect for use in a room decorated with shabby chic decor or vintage accents.
CAN BE USED IN ANY ROOM OF THE HOUSE: Place this wine rack in a pantry, on a bar, in your kitchen, in a dining room, or in any room where you want to keep wine bottles within easy reach.

With a Parisian-inspired print on the top, this 7 bottle wine rack adds style and storage to any living room, kitchen, dining room, or pantry. The La vie Parisienne – Iron And Wood 7 Bottle Wine Rack is made from a combination of durable metal and sturdy wood, and it features a slim, rectangular design with a flat top, a flat bottom, and three rows of cut out bottle holders that offer storage for an assortment of wine bottles. The painted wood design adds a one-of-a-kind touch to any room and makes this wine bottle rack perfect for placing in a home bar, in a living room, or in a walk-in pantry where organizing is key. It can be placed on a shelf, placed on the floor, or placed on top of a bar if you want to keep your favorite wine bottles on display. The unique Parisian print on the top makes it well-suited for use in a room decorated with shabby chic decor or vintage-inspired accents.

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