All Purpose Kitchen Cutting Board / Chopping Board

$14.95 $16.95

All purpose glass cutting board
Ideal for cutting, preparing and rolling pastry
Heat resistant, scratch resistant, and easy to clean design
Easy to wipe clean

With a heat resistant and scratch resistant design, this cutting board offers function and adds a touch of beauty to any kitchen. The All Purpose Kitchen Cutting Board (Butterfly) is made from sturdy safety glass and features a small rectangular design with a multicolored graphic print that incorporates beautiful flowers, a colorful butterfly, French words, and Parisian-inspired accents that give it a vintage-inspired appeal. In soft muted colors that can be incorporated into any traditional or rustic kitchen design, this cutting board offers a convenient place to cut, dice, slice, and prepare all sorts of fruits and vegetables.Use this cutting board strictly for decoration or use it for function to cut, slice, and serve fruits and veggies, roll or cut pastry dough, slice cheeses, and prepare a variety of other types of food items. The glass finish makes it a cinch to wipe clean in between uses and doesn’t have the porous surface of a plastic or wood cutting board, so food and bacteria will never get trapped inside. Tiny little feet on the bottom of each corner keeps it firmly in place on your countertop and makes it easy to store upright, flat, on a shelf, or in a kitchen drawer. The decorative design adds an extra touch of style that looks perfect in any type of kitchen.
Item Number: STR-TB-CB30-DA7-FBA-

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