Nina Home – Set of 18 Non-Slip Clothes Hangers – Slim Hangers – Space Saving Hangers –

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SET OF 18 NON-SLIP CLOTHES HANGERS: Keep items stored neatly in your closet and prevent clothing from falling on the floor with this stylish set of slim non-slip hangers.
SLIM DESIGN HELPS TO MAXIMIZE SPACE INSIDE YOUR CLOSET: With a slim design, this set of 18 clothes hangers helps to reduce wasted closet space and maximizes storage in your closet.
NOTCHES TO HANG GARMENTS WITH THIN STRAPS: Notches on each end make these hangers perfect for holding delicate items with narrow straps.
CAN BE USED TO HOLD HEAVYWEIGHT OR LIGHTWEIGHT GARMENTS: With their sturdy design, these hangers can be used to hold lightweight garments or heavyweight coats.

Maximize space inside your closet with this set of 18 non-slip hangers from Nina Home. The Nina Home – Set of 18 Non-Slip Clothes Hangers features a slim, stylish design with a non-slip coating that prevents items from falling to the floor and a chrome metal hook that can be hung on any closet rod or garment rack. Designed to reduce wasted space and maximize storage inside your closet, these slim hangers are detailed with notches to hold garments with thin straps and a bottom rung that can be used to hold folded pants or skirts. Designed to hold both lightweight and heavyweight garments, these non-slip hangers can be used in a bedroom clothing closet or in a hallway coat closet where you need a space-efficient way to store as many items of clothing as possible. Available in shades of grey, coral, dark blue, and light green, you are sure to find a color that suits your taste and coordinates with your bedroom decor.
Item Number: STR-ST-10602-DKB-FBA-

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