Round Printed Tall Storage Containers (Set of 3)

$39.95 $44.95

Three nested round tall storage boxes
Colorful prints and distinctive designs to coordinate with your room and style
Flat top, removable lids allow for easy stacking
Can be used in a bedroom, office, or family room

Add a touch of vintage inspired style to any room in your home with this set of 3 tall round storage containers. The set of three tall rounds offers an easy way to conceal and organize small items in a bedroom, in an office, or in a family room. Available in a range of distinctive style and prints to suit your personal sense of style or coordinate with your current room decor, this set of storage containers has the look of retro style hat boxes, each with a removable top lid and a flat top that makes them stackable. Place them on a shelf or a bureau in your bedroom, stack them in a corner of your office, or pile them high in a family room or living room to hide the small items that can clutter up a room, but that you need to keep within easy reach.

Use these round containers to store papers, photos, accessories, personal items, arts and crafts supplies, or seasonal items such as holiday decorations, scarves and gloves, or beach toys. No matter where you place them in the home, these storage containers bring a touch of whimsy and a sense of vintage charm into any living space.Large container measures: L:14 in. x W:14 in. x H:9 in.
Medium container measures: L:13 in. x W:13 in. x H:8.25 in.
Small container mearsures: L:12 in. x W:12 in. x H:8.12 in.

Item Number: STR-RD-3695L-VFG-FBA-

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