Dog Paw Wooden Chalkboard with Hooks

$13.95 $14.95

Wood paw shaped chalk board with metal wall hooks
Perfect for use in an entry way or mud room
The chalk board can be used to keep track of vet appointments and feeding schedules
The hooks offer easy storage for dog collars, leashes, and accessories
Measures 6 in. x 5.5 in.

Whether you own a dog or you’re just a dog lover, this paw print shaped chalk board adds a touch of playful style to any room. The Paw Chalk Board / Wood Wall Hook features a wooden board carved in the shape of a traditional paw print and detailed with chalk board surfaces on the fingers and palm. This board also includes three metal hooks that hang from the bottom and offer versatile function for use throughout the home. The back is detailed with a simple metal hook that makes it easy to mount and hang on a wall in your entry way or mud room. If you have a dog, this paw print chalk board is the perfect place to keep track of vet appointments or leave special messages for dog walkers or house sitters that might help to take care of your four legged friend. If your doggie has special dietary needs or is on a strict feeding schedule, use the chalk board to write down food reminders and feeding instructions. If your dog is on a special exercise plan or needs to be walked at certain times throughout the day, this chalkboard is a great place to keep track of those important times and events. If your dog is allowed to have one or two special treats throughout the day, write down when he’s been fed so that different family members don’t destroy his diet plan with extra feedings. The three metal hooks at the bottom of the board offer convenient storage for a collar, a leash, a summertime bandana, or a winter sweater coat. Hang this decorative chalk board in your entry way or mud room so that your pup’s accessories are near the door and within easy reach. If you don’t have a dog but just love their friendly nature and relentless spirit, this wooden chalk board can be used as a whimsical accent piece in an office or a bedroom. Measuring 6 in. x 5.5 in., this wooden wall chalk board is small enough to be hung in just about any room of the home.

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