Pet Storage Bins (Set of 3)

$49.95 $89.95

Set of three pet storage bins
Nested design with side handles for easy lifting
Can be used to hold all sorts of pet toys and pet accessories
Printed with dog and cat motifs that make them perfect for all types of pets
Measures: Large L15 in. x W13.50 in. x H10 in.
Medium L13 in. x W11.50 in. x H09 in.
Small L11.5 in. x W09.50 in. x H08 in.

Designed for the family with furry friends, this set of pet storage bins from Raymond Waites offers a playful and smart way to organize pet toys, pet clothes, treats, and other accessories for the beloved animals in your life. The Pet Storage Bins (Set of 3) Multi is made from durable fabric and includes three separate bins that offer storage for small, medium, and large pet items. These nested bins are detailed with a colorful allover print and feature handles on each side that make them easy to carry from room to room. Printed with dog and cat motifs, this set of storage bins has a playful look and a functional design that can be used in any room of the home.The largest storage bin features a white and navy blue dog motif with a large paw print on the front, an allover print with the words woof, dog, sit, and bark, and the images of paw prints and dog bones. The medium sized bin features a blue, white, and beige dachshund print with a patch that says “ a dog is a man’s best friend.” The smallest bin is printed with a colorful cat motif and detailed with a fish bowl patch that adds a whimsical touch to the overall design. Each bin is lined with solid fabric and has an open top design that makes it easy to toss items inside. Use these bins to hold pet blankets, doggie clothes, plush toys, chew toys, bones, catnip treats, or other accessories that your dogs and cats love to play with. Place them in a living room, family room, mud room, or bedroom where your dog or cat plays, sleeps, or tends to cuddle up with family members and guests. The playful, colorful prints make these bins perfect for any pet-loving family while the assortment of small and large bins makes it easy to hold items for the smallest kitty cats or the biggest Great Danes.
Item Number: STR-PET201L-WOJ-FBA-

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