Non-Slip Multi-Use Accessory Hangers (Set of 2)

$9.95 $12.95

Set of 2 non-slip accessory hangers
Slim design with felt material that holds items in place
Great for hanging scarves, belts, jewelry, watches, and hair accessories
Maximizes space and offers convenient storage for small items
Measures 18 in. x 12.5 in.

Is your bedroom closet overflowing with scarves and accessories? The Non-Slip Multi-Use Accessory Hangers (Set of 2) by Sheffield Home make it easy to hang and organize accessories and allow you to maximize precious space in your closet. This set of accessory hangers has a super slim design made from non-slip felt material that holds items securely in place. The stylish flower pattern offers a range of small to large openings so that you can hang different items in different sections and get the most storage space out of each hanger. The sturdy metal hanger is designed to hook onto any standard closet rod or can be hung on a large peg on the inside wall of your closet. The triple flower design offer three large round spaces as well as two flat bottom bars that are perfect for hanging chunky scarves and oversized belts. The flower petals and scroll accents on each side offer added storage for lighter weight year-round scarves, hair ribbons, slim belts, sashes, and other small items that you can never seem to find the proper storage for. The non-slip coating keeps your items held in place so that even belts or scarves draped over the straight bottom ledge won’t fall off and end up on the closet floor. The slim design allows you to pack more hangers into your closet and create added space by not taking up excess room with the hanger itself. Ideal for small closets, cramped closets, or dorm rooms where storage space is limited, these accessory hangers come in a rich burgundy color that makes them easy to spot in your closet and stylish enough to hang on the outside of a closet door. A must for any girl with a collection of accessories, these hangers can also be used to hold jewelry, hair clips, or other small items. Hang fish hook style earrings from the center bar, attach bracelets and necklaces to make it easy to spot and pick out the pieces you want to wear, or buckle watches over the bottom bar to create an instant watch display.

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