Vintage Open Magazine Bins (Set of 3)

$35.00 $49.95

Set of 3 open magazine bins
Features a collage of hand written notes and typeset pages in an antique collage pattern
Perfect for use in a living room, family room, bedroom, or office
Can be used to hold magazines, newspapers, books, or other bulky items
Measures: (Large) W16.25 in. x D7.75 in. x H14 in. (Medium) W14.5 in. x D7.00 in. x H13 in. (Small) W12.75 in. x D6.00 in. x H13 in.

An antique paper collage gives this 3 pc magazine bin set a vintage look that’s versatile enough for use in any room of the home. The 3 Pc. Open Mag Bin Set includes small, medium, and large sized bins with open top construction that offer convenient storage for magazines, newspapers, books, or other bulky items. Detailed with cut out top handles for easy lifting, this collage print storage bin set has a neutral color combination and a distinctive design that coordinates beautifully in a room with antique accents, shabby chic decor, or a French country aesthetic.With a collage of hand written notes, pages from books, and vintage postcards, this set of bins can be placed together as a group in the corner of a living room or family room to hold current magazines and catalogs. The bins can also be separated and used individually in different rooms around the home where papers or small items need to be contained and organized. In an office, these bins can be used to hold and organize files and documents, notebooks or memo pads that can’t be tossed away, or drawing pads and art supplies that you might want to carry from room to room. The charming, vintage design features a combination of typeset and handwritten papers that create an old world feel.The bins are designed to stand upright and can be placed on the floor in a corner of the room, set on top of a file cabinet in an office, or arranged on a bookshelf in a family room or study. The open top design also makes these storage bins perfect for holding craft supplies or irregularly shaped items that can’t be easily stored inside containers with lids.