Nested Steamer Box / Storage box with Burlap Lid (Set of 3)

$39.95 $49.95

3 pc nested paper and burlap steamer boxes
Metal name plates for easy labeling and item identification
Available in a range of colorful prints with solid, textured burlap lids that add a rustic touch
Versatile enough for use at home or in the office

Don’t let papers, photos, and office supplies clutter your workspace when you can hide and organize those items inside this set of 3 stylish steamer boxes. The 3 Pc Nested Steamer Box with Burlap Lid is made from heavy paper and features a unique design with a stylish allover print, metal name plates that allow you to label and identify what’s inside each box, and a textured burlap lid that adds a touch of rustic, vintage style. Available in a range of stylish colors and prints to appeal to the taste of both men and women, these paper and burlap steamer boxes have a versatile look that allows you to store papers, photos, office supplies, personal accessories, art supplies, and all sorts of small items. For use in a woman’s office or in a girl’s room, choose from a warm fall floral print, a vintage inspired bird print, a black and white bird print with a solid black lid decorated with an inspirational message and butterfly, or a classic Parisian print with vintage French stamps, a colorful Eiffel tower, and a black lid with a large Eiffel tower on the top. To decorate a more masculine space, choose between a combination of geometric prints and Ikat patterns in shades of blue, a vintage travel map design, or a neutral print with scripted handwriting and a solid dark lid. The textured lid gives each box a charming, rustic quality and adds a sense of durability that allows you to stack the boxes or place small decorative items on top. Stack these steamer boxes on your desktop to keep frequently used items within easy reach or pile them on a bookshelf or an accent table to conceal and store items that can cause clutter throughout your room. These versatile boxes can also be used in a bedroom or a family room, or can be used to personalize your professional office. Measures:
Large L:17.25 in. x W:13 in. x H:7.50 in.
Medium L:15.25 in. x W:12 in. x H:6.50 in.
Small L:13.25 in. x W:11 in. x H:5.50 in.