Paper Journal with Spiral

$17.95 $19.95

Paper journal book to write and record thoughts and ideas
Available in a range of unique, colorful patterns and prints
Detailed with decorative pages
Perfect for use at home and on the go
Measures: 8.5 in. x 6.25 in.

Whether you keep a journal, write poetry, jot down daily affirmations, or simply can't get through the day without making a to-do list, a pretty paper journal book is a must have in your home or in your handbag. The Paper Journal allows you to record your innermost thoughts, jot down ideas for projects at work or home, write and create recipes, or record dates and times to keep track of special moments. With gilded, metallic edges and a magnetic closure on most designs, this colorful bound journal book is available in a wide range of colors and patterns that speak to your personal sense of style and look beautiful placed on a desk or scattered across a table in your living room or reading room. The front and back cover of this journal feature a range of unique designs that vary from whimsical, colorful owl prints, to botanical and floral prints, to inspirational messages, to faithful quotes, to Parisian designs. The covers are available in youthful, bold prints as well as elegant and sophisticated designs that make this journal perfectly suited to a wide range of individuals with different personal styles. Designed to inspire your creativity and encourage you to put down your tech gadgets, even for just a few moments, this pretty journal allows you to preserve your thoughts and ideas the old fashioned way.The slim design makes it easy to carry this journal inside any handbag or travel bag so that you can always have a place to write down your brilliant ideas or record your most interesting thoughts. Depending on the design, this journal book includes decorative liners, pretty borders on the pages, and metallic gussets. For the avid writer that keeps and preserves daily journals, the colorful cover designs look beautiful in a bookcase or stacked up on a small display shelf.