Raymond Waites Non-Slip Clothes Hangers (Set of 18)

$19.95 $24.95

Whether your closet needs some organization or you’re just tired of picking clothes up of the floor, this set of non-slip hangers makes it easy to keep clothing hung and organized neatly in your closet. The Raymond Waites Non-Slip Clothes Hangers (Set of 18) includes 18 individual hangers, each of which has a super slim profile, notched details to position garment straps, and a non-slip felt fabric covering that prevents items from slipping off the hanger. On traditional plastic hangers, clothing can fall off, straps can slip down, and wide neck tops and dresses often end up on the closet floor. With these non-slip hangers, your clothes will stay put so you won’t have to worry about delicate fabrics getting ruined by hitting the floor. The bottom rung of the hanger offers added storage that can be used to drape pants, skirts, or strapless dresses that don’t have internal hanger straps. These clothes hangers have a super slim shape that allows you to hang more hangers on your clothing rod and, therefore, cram more clothing into your closet. Bulky plastic hangers take up crucial closet space that most people can’t afford to waste. These slim hangers solve that problem and allow you to maximize closet space without having to double or triple layer clothing on hangers or attach hangers to one another in a waterfall pattern. These are ideal for any man or woman with a lot of clothing or a small closet that offers limited space.The sturdy design of these hangers make them as suitable for lightweight dresses and blouses as it does for heavy jackets and coats. They are available in a range of colors and can be easily coordinated with other storage containers inside your closet or bedroom. Buy multiple sets in the same color for a consistent, organized look, or mix and match different colors to distinguish easily between pants, shirts, and dresses.

Item Number: P-10602H

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