Lucca Metal LED Desk Lamp


SUPER BRIGHT LED ADJUSTABLE DESK LAMP: Light up your workspace in a home office, dorm room, or bedroom with this contemporary, adjustable black metal desk lamp.
INCLUDES 3 WATT LED 3000K COLOR TEMP BULB FOR EXCELLENT ILLUMINATION: A 3 watt LED bulb offers bright illumination, making this desk lamp perfect for use as a reading light or a task light for different projects around the home.
PERFECT FOR USE IN ANY HOME OFFICE OR DORM ROOM: With a small round base and an electric cord, this desk light can be used on any desk top or bookshelf in a home office or dorm room.
CRAFTED FROM DURABLE METAL WITH A SLIDING LAMP HEAD: This desk lamp is made from durable metal and features a silver metal pole with a sliding lamp head that can be moved up or down the pole to point the light in different directions.
MEASURES: 6.2 in. x 6.2 in. x 16.8 in.

Perfect for use in a dimly lit dorm room, a professional work space, or a home office, this desk lamp has a versatile look and a modern design with super bright bulbs that let you light up any interior space. The Lightaccents - 3 Watt Super Bright LED Adjustable Metal Corded Desk Lamp features durable metal construction with a sliding lamp head that can be positioned high or low on the center pole. With a round base that measures just 6.2 inches in diameter, this desk lamp is well-suited for reading, doing homework, preparing documents for work, or doing arts and crafts. Crafted with a super bright LED bulb, this portable, adjustable desk lamp has a lightweight design that's easy to move from room to room or position in different areas of your desk to accommodate different types of projects. The sleek painted black finish gives it a versatile look that makes it perfect for placement in any room decorated with minimalist, contemporary, or industrial decor. Measuring 16.8 inches in height, this stylish LED lamp can be used on any desk or table top.

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