Precious Tails Stainless Steel Double Pet Feeder Dog Bowl

$29.95 $39.95

Bone shaped double pet feeder
Veterinarian-recommended stainless steel exterior that resists against bacteria
Two removable stainless steel bowls that can be easily emptied and filled
Durable construction with a non-skid bottom
Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

Every dog loves a bone! Throw one to your dog at mealtime with the Precious Tails Stainless Steel Double Pet Feeder Dog dish. Shaped like a classic bone that your dog would probably love to chew on, this double feeder features stainless steel construction and has a heavy duty design with a non-skid bottom to keep the dish in place for pooches that seem to love to push their food and water bowls across the kitchen floor. The whimsical design is a smart design too, as it includes veterinarian-recommended stainless steel bowls that are antibacterial and safe for feeding. This dog feeder has a convenient design that includes two removable cups that can be easily carried to the sink or counter and filled with food and water so that you don't even have to lift the bowl off the ground. The bone shaped exterior can be easily wiped clean in between meals while the stainless steel cups are dishwasher safe so that your pup can eat and drink from a clean bowl every day.Available in classic white and a bright shade of green to coordinate with your kitchen decor or complement your other pet accessories, this double bowl dog feeder adds a playful touch to mealtime and is designed to bring as much enjoyment to dogs as it is to dog owners and proud pet parents. The base is solidly constructed and the edges are gently curved to give it a realistic dog bone effect. Whether it's filled with food or not, your dog is sure to come running when you place this dish on the floor. When your dog finishes eating his food, he just may think that the bowl is there as the finishing touch to the end of the meal. Though it is designed to entice puppies and pooches of all different breeds, this double bowl feeder can also be used to feed cats, kittens, or other small furry friends.
Item Number: PET-JDD15BSM-BLK-FBA-

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