Michael Graves Design – Set Of Two Rounded Canvas Storage Bins With Birds And Handles – Open Storage Bins – Decorative Storage Bins – Vintage –

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SET OF TWO ROUNDED CANVAS STORAGE BINS: Stylish and functional, this set of two open storage bins is perfect for holding all sorts of items and accessories around the house.
COLORFUL BIRD MOTIF ADDS A PLAYFUL TOUCH: Made from durable canvas fabric, these storage bins have a casual two-tone design with a colorful bird accent that adds a whimsical touch.
STURDY HANDLES WITH METAL GROMMETS FOR REINFORCEMENT: Detailed with heavy duty handles and metal grommets for reinforcement, these storage bins are easy to lift and carry around the house.
OPEN TOP DESIGN MAKES IT EASY TO STASH ALL SORTS OF ITEMS INSIDE: With an open top and a rounded bottom, these storage bins can be used to hold everything from books and magazines to toys and personal items.

With a casual design and a decorative bird motif, these open storage bins are perfect for use in any room of the home. The Michael Graves Design – Set Of Two Rounded Canvas Storage Bins With Birds And Handles is made from durable canvas fabric and features a stylish two-tone design in a neutral shade of grey with contrast blue trim and pop color birds that decorate the front of each bin. The set includes one small and one large bin, each of which is detailed with metal grommets and heavy duty rope handles for easy carrying.These open top storage bins can be placed on the floor in a corner of a room or placed on a shelf that needs a decorative touch. Use these canvas storage bins in a living room or family room to hold family games, children’s toys, pet toys, mail, magazines, and all sorts of household accessories. In a bedroom or a home office, these stylish bins can be used to hold books, papers, office supplies, art supplies, or personal items such as scarves, belts, and hats.Large Measures: L:16 in. x W:13 in. x H:15 in.
Small Measures: L:14 in. x W:10 in. x H:11 in.

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