Raymond Waites – Four Section Decorative Desk Tray – Office Supply Organizer – Jewelry Tray – Geometric – Yellow – Grey – White

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FOUR SECTION DECORATIVE DESK TRAY: With four separate square compartments, this stylish tray can be placed on any table or shelf as a way to add small item storage and personal style to your living space.
CAN BE USED AS AN OFFICE SUPPLY ORGANIZER OR A JEWELRY TRAY: Use this decorative desk tray as an office supply organizer, a jewelry tray, or a catchall for small accessories and miscellaneous household items.
GEOMETRIC PRINT GIVES IT A PLAYFUL, STYLISH LOOK: Covered with a stylish geometric print, this desk tray can be easily incorporated into any room with contemporary or casual decor.
PERFECT FOR USE IN ANY ROOM OF THE HOUSE: Use this storage tray in a bedroom, home office, kitchen, family room, or any room of the house that needs a storage solution for small items.

Divided into four evenly spaced square compartments, this decorative desk tray offers a stylish way to store jewelry, office supplies, and all sorts of small accessories. The Raymond Waites – Four Section Decorative Desk Tray – Office Supply Organizer – Jewelry Tray features a small square shape and has a colorful, decorative design with a unique geometric print that makes it easy to incorporate into any casual or contemporary room design.Use it as a jewelry tray in a bedroom to hold rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and watches. Use it as an office supply organizer in a dorm room or a home office to hold pens and pencils, sticky notes, staplers, tape dispensers, and other types of office supplies, school supplies, or art supplies. It can also be used to hold tech gadgets, earbuds, cords, chargers, flash drives, or other small items that you need to keep within easy reach. .Measures: L:9.5 in. x W:9.5 in. x H:3 in.
Compartment measures: L:4.5 in. x W:4.5 in. x H:2.81 in
Item Number: STR-HG-483-YWG-FBA-

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