Three Section Jewelry Tray / Drawer Organizer / Desk Tray

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Three section jewelry tray/drawer organizer/desk tray
Printed design inside and outside with a solid color bottom
Includes 3 small compartments each measuring 4.25 in. x 4.5 in.
Can be used inside a drawer or placed on top of a nightstand or bureau as a decorative accent

With a versatile design that can be used to hold jewelry, accessories, office supplies, and other small items, this colorful desk tray is perfect for use in just about any room of the house. The Three Section Jewelry Tray / Drawer Organizer / Desk Tray from Raymond Waites is made from durable canvas fabric and features a triple compartment design with three square compartments that can be used to hold and organize all sorts of small items. Available in a wide range of solid colors, geometric patterns, and Ikat prints, this drawer tray can be easily coordinated into any casual, shabby chic, contemporary, or rustic room design. In a bedroom, this decorative tray can be placed on top of a bureau, on a vanity, or inside a nightstand drawer to hold and organize your jewelry and accessories. The three small compartments are sized to hold earrings, rings, chain bracelets, pins, hair accessories, and other baubles and gems. In an office or dorm room, this tray offers convenient desktop storage for paperclips, staples, rubber bands, flash drives, earbuds, and other small personal items. Use one tray or combine multiple trays together to create an even more organized and more stylish storage solution.

Three Section Jewelry Tray / Drawer Organizer / Desk Tray

Measures: L:13 in. x W:4.88 in. x H:2.88 in.
Compartment measures: L:4.25 in. x W:4.5 in. x H:2.5 in.
Item Number: STR-HG-480-IA2-FBA-

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