18 Section Jewelry Tray / Drawer Organizer / Storage Tray

$18.95 $19.95

Eighteen section jewelry tray / drawer organizer / storage tray
solid construction with a stylish printed Fabric
Can be used inside a drawer or placed on top of a nightstand or bureau as a decorative accent
Includes two large rectangle areas, sixteen small square compartments

Accented with a print that adds a stylish touch, this jewelry organizer tray is a simple, chic, and effective way to organize the jewelry that you love the most or wear most often. The 18 Section Jewelry Tray / Drawer Organizer / Storage Tray Beige Print features a simple square design with a beige print that gives it a unique look and a divided interior that offer organized storage for all sorts of baubles and gems. With the decorative touch of the print, this organizer can be positioned on top of a nightstand or a bureau if you don't want to hide it in a drawer.This jewelry drawer organizer includes two large rectangle compartments that are perfect for holding chunky necklaces, bangle bracelets, larger pieces, or delicate necklaces and chain bracelets that you don't want to get tangled or damaged. sixteen small square compartments provide convenient storage for earrings, pins, pendants necklaces, stretch bracelets, oversized rings, or special items that deserve their own storage area. This jewelry organizer may not be large enough to hold all of your jewelry, but it provides a stylish and convenient way to organize and locate the items that you love the most or wear the most. For the woman who has a large collection of jewelry, this organizer can be placed side by side or on top of other similar storage trays.
Item Number: STR-HG-11381-TIV-FBA-

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