Wall Decor Laundry Drying Rack with 9 Clips


Metal wall drying rack
Distressed white painted finish with the word laundry in script across the center
Nine pieces of twine hold functional clothespins to help dry your delicate garments
Can be used as a functional or decorative piece
Measures 30 in. x 10 in.

Add a touch of whimsy and homey style to your laundry room with this darling metal drying rack. The Laundry Metal Wall decor Drying Rack with 9 Clips is made from white painted metal and features a shabby chic, distressed finish that lets the metal show through in different spots. Made to look like a weathered antique, this metal sign has a slim rectangular shape detailed with the word “laundry in. in script across the center. The bottom metal rung is detailed with nine little bits of twine and nine functional wooden clothespins that give you the option to use this as a purely decorative piece or a functional one. Of all of the chores that have to be done around the home, most people don’t enjoy doing the laundry. From clothing to sheets to towels to bath and kitchen linens, laundry often seems like a never-ending task, because it is. Make the time you spend doing laundry a little bit more enjoyable by decorating your laundry room or highlighting the immediate area around your washer and dryer with some decorative pieces and functional designs. With this metal drying rack hanging on the wall above your washer or beside your dryer, doing the wash might not seem so bad. This drying rack might bring to mind the days of the past when hanging laundry outside on a clothesline was the best, and only, way to dry your clothes. While today, most items can be put in the dryer, the nine little clothespins make this drying rack perfect for undergarments and delicate items that simply must be hung or dried on a line. The little clips add a charming, vintage touch and can keep your delicates suspended in air until they’re ready to be folded and put back in the drawer. If you don’t want to use this piece as a drying rack, it can also be used as a display piece from which to hang baby booties or small photos that will personalize and sweeten your laundry area.

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