Home Office Collection 10" Jumbo Decorative Wooden Message Clip / Large Clothes Pin Style


Wooden message clip shaped like an oversized clothes pin
Casual, rustic style that’s perfect for use in any home or office
Functional design that can hold note cards, memos, and photos
Use alone or pair in groups to make a bold statement
Measures 10 in. high

This unique desk accessory offers function and adds a touch of whimsical style that’s sure to garner some attention. The 10 in. Jumbo Wooden Message Clip / Large Clothes Pin Style “TO DO in. is made from wood and features an oversized clothes pins design with a metal hinge and a clip top that can be used to hold photos, memos, messages, and all types of important papers. Perfect for use at home or in the office, this jumbo clothes pin has a playful look that adds character and charm to any desk setup. Detailed with the words “to do, in. this large message clip has a stand up design with a flat bottom that can balance easily on any smooth surface. Place it on the corner of your desk to keep important reminders within your line of sight. Whether you need to keep track of meetings, appointments, or upcoming parties and social events, this jumbo clothes pin lets you personalize your desk with distinction.Available in a range of colors and patterns with different prints and designs, this clothes pin note card holder can be used to hold photos from a recent event, show off children’s artwork to your coworkers, or display a picture of your family or your pets in the office. For use at home, this message clip can be used to hold love notes to your spouse or significant other, important reminders for the kids, or shopping lists of things that you need to remember to pick up at the market. The slim design makes it easy to stand up on a desk, a cabinet, a window ledge, or a shelf in any room. Measuring 10 in. high, this jumbo wood clip has a casual look that lets you express your unique sense of style and add fun and function to your home or workspace. The sturdy design is intended for long lasting durability and can be used as an individual piece or combined with other jumbo clips to make a real statement.