Distressed Wood Laundry Drying Rack 23" x 50"


Wood drying rack with shelves and hooks
Painted white finish with distressed edges that create a rustic, country look
Pull out drying rack to hang laundry
Hang side by side for a rustic style wonderfully functioning laundry room
Measures 23.5 in. x 50 in.

Perfect for use in a laundry room, this wood drying rack adds a touch of rustic country charm to any space. The Distressed Wood Drying Rack With Shelves & Hooks (Distressed White) is made from natural wood and features a white painted finish with distressed edges, paint chips, and natural nicks that give it an aged, antique, shabby chic look. Detailed with vertical wood panels against the back wall, a smooth top ledge, an expandable drying rack, and angled side panels that conceal the top of the drying rack, this design offers a stylish way to hang or dry coats, accessories, and personal items when you enter your home. With a casual country feel, this wood drying rack can be placed in a laundry room and used to hold coats and jackets, gloves, scarves, and hats, or personal items. In the summer, this drying rack can be used to hold beach towels, picnic blankets, wet bathing suits, or other items used for outdoor play on or near the water. Four metal hooks at the bottom of the rack offer added storage for personal items such as keys and handbags or bulky items such as umbrellas and rain coats. In the winter, this rack provides smart storage and offers an easy way to dry off chunky knit caps, wool mittens, ski jackets, or other snow covered gear. By keeping it near the front or back door, this drying rack eliminates the need to have to carry wet items through the house.The pull out drying rack offers storage for multiple items when extended and expanded, yet it maintains a clean and neat appearance when condensed and pushed against the back of the shelf. Depending on what items need to be hung or dried, this rack offers versatile storage space to suit your varied needs. The top shelf adds a nice touch, gives the piece a sturdy, finished look, and can be used to hold decorative items or storage bins to conceal and contain small accessories.
Item Number: FRM-H718-DSW-FBA-

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