Wood Framed Wall Message Cork Board & Chalk Bulletin Board 17" Wide 33" High

$129.95 $149.95

Wood framed wall burlap pin board and chalk bulletin board
Distressed, rustic look with ruler edges around the frame
Detailed with a burlap pin board, three metal clips, and a chalkboard surface
Perfect for use in an office, entry way, or mud room
Measures 14 in. x 30.75 in.; Burlap measures 11.5 in. x 19.5 in.; Chalkboard measures 11.5 in. x 7 in.

With an antique, rustic quality and a fully functional design, this burlap bulletin board and chalkboard adds a touch of vintage charm to any entry way, kitchen, office, or mud room. The Wood Framed Wall Burlap Board & Chalk Bulletin Board is made from natural wood and features a rectangular, vertical design framed by vintage-inspired schoolhouse rulers. Detailed with distressed edges that give it an aged look, this bulletin board features a large burlap pin board as well as a small chalkboard and three versatile metal clips to hang papers or photos. The ruler edges give this bulletin board a distinctly rustic look that blends easily into any room decorated in vintage, antique, or shabby chic style. The board is easy to mount on any wall in any room that needs an extra touch of personal style. The textured burlap bulletin board can be used to pin shopping lists, to-do lists, photos, party invitations, memos, business cards, or other important items that you need to keep within your line of sight. The three metal clips offer a convenient way to hang photos, greeting cards, or reminders for important events. The chalkboard offers the versatility to draw photos, write messages to family members and roommates, or detail important reminders about things you have to do throughout the day. In your home office, this bulletin board and chalkboard can be used to hang important memos for work, write lists of clients that you need to call, or help you to keep track of deadlines and schedule current projects. In your kitchen, this board can be used to hang menus, write down recipes, or write important reminders about upcoming events and family schedules. In a mud room, use this bulletin board to tack up chore lists for the kids or keep a schedule of upcoming sporting events and planned family outings.

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