Wall Mounted Distressed Metal Letter Holder & Key Rack


Distressed metal letter holder and key rack with wire grid backing
Angled letter tray can hold incoming or outgoing mail
Five key rings on the bottom to hold keys or other small items
Easy to hang design is ideal for entry ways and mud rooms
Measures 19 in. x 18.5 in. x 6.25 in.

Add fashion and function to any room in the house with the Wall Mounted Distressed Metal Letter Holder & Key Rack. This key rack features a durable metal grid design with rounded edges, distressed detailing that gives the metal a rustic, worn in look, and an angled letter tray that can be used to hold mail. The back panel features a stylish metal grid that adds a graphic element against the wall while the letter tray has a gently curved lip and an angled ledge to hold incoming or outgoing mail or other small accessories that you need to keep within easy reach near the door. Beneath the letter tray hang five curved metal hooks that make it easy to organize and locate different sets of keys for different members of the family. The simplistic design is as utilitarian as it is stylish and has a versatile look that can be hung in any room. Do you live with a spouse, a roommate, or children who leave mail all over the house or can never find their keys when it’s time to go out? Encourage them to use this letter holder and key rack. Do you work in an office where colleagues or supervisors are always tossing papers on your desk? Hang this letter holder on the back of your office door or the side of your cubicle and ask them to place important documents there instead of scattering them all over your desk. Whether you’re a teacher that needs to collect papers and homework or a shop owner who needs to keep invoices and bills organized, this metal letter holder makes it easy to organize and stash all types of important papers and envelopes that can otherwise end up all over the house or all around the office. This vintage metal letter holder is available in distressed grey, distressed navy, and blue/gray finishes that coordinate with neutral shabby chic decor or more industrial, modern rooms.
Item Number: FRM-H601-DG1-FBA-

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