Large Wall Leaning Chalkboard / Black Board / Restaurant Sign 18" x 40"

$69.95 $149.95

Wood wall leaning chalkboard / black board sign
Painted finish with sturdy legs that can be leaned against any wall
Versatile enough for use in a home, restaurant, coffee shop, or café
Large rectangular chalkboard surface with a casual, rustic look
Measures 18 in. x 40 in.

Add a touch of French country charm to any casual space with this leaning wood framed chalkboard. The Large Wood Wall Leaning Chalkboard / Black Board Sign 18 in. x 40 in. features a sturdy wood frame with a painted finish, wooden feet that allow you to lean the sign up against a wall, and a large rectangular chalkboard surface that gives it a rustic, natural look. Available in ivory and red painted finishes, this leaning chalkboard adds a touch of beauty and provides useful function in your kitchen, office, restaurant, or café. At home, this chalkboard can be displayed in the kitchen in order to create shopping lists, keep track of to-do lists and chores, remind yourself or remind family members of important dates, events, schedules, and appointments, detail a dinner menu, or let the family know what your recipe ideas are for the week. It can be used as a simple message board, as a drawing surface for creative kids, or an all-purpose memo area to send and relay important messages and reminders to other people in the home. At a bar or a restaurant, this chalkboard serves as a great place to detail new menu items, write down specially advertised dishes or detail the daily specials, or simply send messages and greetings to guests and customers as they enter your establishment. The large design makes it perfect for kids and adults alike, and can be used to serve a variety of different purposes and functions at your home or in your business. Before using any chalkboard for the first time, you should season it by completely covering the surface with chalk. This allows the pores of the board to absorb an even layer of chalk and makes it easier to get a completely cleaned and erased surface each and every time.
Item Number: FRM-H541-40-RED-FBA-

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