Wood Modern Floating Wall Shelf 36"

$59.95 $69.95

Simple and sophisticated, the Solid Wood Modern Floating Wall Shelf in Distressed White has a timeless appeal that can be hung in virtually any room. Measuring 36 in. in length, this wall shelf is constructed from solid wood and features a classic design with a smooth beveled edge that adds a touch of distinction to the overall look. This neutral wood shelf is both functional and decorative and has a versatile look that can be hung in your foyer, kitchen, living room, bedroom, or child’s nursery. The simplistic design coordinates beautifully with your modern decor but can also be incorporated into a traditional room design or blended with your shabby chic decorating style. As the perfect accent to any room design, this simple white shelf can be securely mounted as a single shelf or paired with other shelves to create unique configurations on the wall. In a child’s room, this shelf provides the perfect place to display treasured stuffed animals, a piggy bank, or framed art prints. In your kitchen, use it to highlight antique bottles, mason jars, or potted plants. In your living room, this shelf can be used to display vintage vases, framed photos, or keepsake boxes. The clean white finish and the gently beveled edge gives this shelf a minimalist look that allows you to highlight and feature any small items that are near and dear to your heart. To create different looks, combine multiple shelves in vertical, horizontal, or staggered configurations to create interest and add personality to a blank wall. Staggering multiple shelves in a random pattern makes for a unique backdrop on which to display framed photos, shadow boxes, or collectibles. This sturdy wood shelf measures just 6 in. deep, allowing for easy hanging at different heights.