Entryway Wooden Coat Rack with 3 Metal Hooks


In a home where storage space is limited or in a foyer that needs a decorative touch, this wooden coat rack adds fashionable function to your living space. The Entryway Wooden Coat Rack with 3 Metal Hooks Light Blue is made from wood and features an ornate design with scrolled edges, a distressed painted finish that gives it a weathered look, and three large double metal hooks detailed with scratches and a chipped white painted finish. The combination of the light blue background and the antiqued white hooks makes this coat rack look even more beautiful hung against a solid white wall or a wall painted with a warm, dark color. This wooden coat rack is perfect for the home decorator who loves vintage-inspired style or wants to mix some shabby chic pieces into a contemporary room design to create an eclectic, modern look.Hang this coat rack on a small wall near your front door or in an entrance hall that either doesn?t currently offer coat storage or needs to provide more. The sturdy double hooks can be used to hold everything from heavy winter coats, scarves, and hats to handbags, keys, umbrellas, or spring jackets and lightweight rain coats. It can also be placed in a bathroom to hang towels or on the back of a bedroom door or closet door to hold robes, clothing, or accessories such as scarves, handbags, and belts. No matter where you place it, this coat rack adds shabby chic charm and provides useful function for all sorts of personal accessories, clothing, and household items. For a unique decorative touch in an entranceway, combine this coat rack with other small wall racks to create a distinctive storage solution that can hold multiple coats when you have a large group of visiting guests.

Item Number: FRM-H1132-DG1-FBA-

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