Metal Light Bulb Wall Decor / Wall Hanging / Wall Accent

$39.95 $49.95

Hanging metal light bulb wall décor accent
Industrial look with an aged finish that gives it a vintage look
Perfect for hanging in any living room, family room, or office
Can be easily coordinated into a contemporary, casual, or rustic room design
measures 12.0 in. x 2.2 in. x 16.1 in.

If you’re looking to decorate your home with unique, one-of-a-kind accents, this light bulb wall décor from Home Office Collection may be just what you need. The Metal Light Bulb Wall Décor / Wall Hanging / Wall Accent (Bronze) is made from durable iron and features a dark antique bronze hue with an industrial aged finish that gives it a weathered, vintage-inspired look. Easy to coordinate into a contemporary home decorated with industrial décor or a casual office accented with rustic details, this light bulb wall sign adds texture and interest to any wall in any room.Detailed with a twisted filament in the center and shaped like the classic light bulbs that are becoming less and less frequently used, this light bulb sign offers a touch of distinctive style for the home decorator who knows how to blend modern, vintage, and classic designs together to create an inviting, eclectic space. Hang it over a desk in your office to inspire creativity or hang it in a living room or family room that needs a touch of unexpected style.
Item Number: FRM-H1101-BRZ-FBA-

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