Square Metal Letter Sorter

$24.95 $29.95

Desk top mail organizer / accessory sorter
Made from durable copper metal that gives it an industrial look
Four interior compartments measure 4.12 in. x 4.12 in. x 4.9 in. each
Can be used to hold mail, office supplies, and all sorts of household accessories

Divided into four separate compartments, this copper letter sorter can be used to hold all types of mail, office supplies, and small items around the house. The Square Metal Letter Sorter (Copper) is made from durable copper metal and features a hip industrial-inspired design with perforated panels on the front and back, a metal handle on the side, and exposed rivets that give it a cool, versatile look. The copper finish and geometric design make it well-suited for use in any industrial or contemporary room design. Place this metal letter sorter in any room of the house that needs a touch of personal style and a convenient place to store small items.The four separate storage compartments make this metal box perfect for use as an office supply organizer. The different sections can be used to hold pens and pencils, note pads or sticky notes, scissors, rulers, and staplers, or stationery such as note cards and envelopes. Place it on your desktop at work, in your home office, or in a dorm room where space is limited and organization is key. It can easily be used as a way to sort incoming or outgoing mail or separate mail for different roommates or different family members in one house. This stylish organizer can also be used in a living room or family room as a way to organize television and entertainment system remotes, commonly used household items, or small accessories that tend to create clutter around the house. Each interior compartment measures 4.12 in. x 4.12 in. x 4.9 in, making it easy to stash and organize all sorts of small items and accessories.Measures: L:8.125 in. x W:8.125 in. x H:5 in.Inner Compartment: L: 4.12 in x W: 4.12 in x H: 4.9 in.