Raymond Waites Decorative Sectional Table Top Organizer Collection

$12.95 $14.95

Decorative three section table top organizer desk tray
Includes three small compartments to hold office supplies and small accessories
Features a textured fabric base with a colorful polka dot print
Can be used in any office, dorm room, or bedroom

Keep small items, accessories, and office supplies at bay inside this stylish little table top tray from Raymond Waites. The Raymond Waites Decorative Sectional Table Top Organizer Collection (3-Section Tray) features a slim rectangular design with a durable fabric base and three equally divided interior compartments that offer storage for all sorts of small items. Decorated with a colorful polka dot print, this pretty organizer tray can be used on a workstation in your home office, on a desk in a dorm room, or on a nightstand in your bedroom. For the individual who prefers concealed storage, this sectional tray can be easily placed inside any drawer. In an office or dorm room, use this colorful little tray to hold paperclips, sticky notes, rolls of tape, push pins, staples, or even tech accessories such as earbuds, flash drives, and USB chargers. In a bedroom, this table top organizer can be used to hold your favorite jewelry, hair accessories, or small trinkets and keepsakes. For an even more stylish and more organized storage solution, pair this tray with the matching 4 section and 9 section trays from the Raymond Waites Home & Design Collection.
Item Number: STR-BY-480-BG2-FBA-

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