Desk Lamp, Color Changing 3-level Dimmer 5 Watt LED Desk Lamp

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Light Accents LED Desk Lamp with Color Changing Night Light Base. If you are looking for a desk lamp for your child, this is the coolest one available! The Light Accents 5 Watt LED Desk Lamp has an even light distribution with a 3-level touch control dimmer making it perfect for a kid’s room desk lamp. The LED light illuminates at 200+ lumens in a even bright 5500K (Daylight White) Color Temperature. The desk light arm is fully adjustable, allowing you to position the light where you need it. The coolest feature is a touch panel color changing lamp base! Set the base to a color you love or allow it to cycle through a slow phase from color to color. This is a great way to get your kids to go to sleep. Turn the bedroom lights off and let the slow changing light show put them to sleep. The lamp is completely energy efficient with the ability to run off of any 5V USB Port. </p> Fully Adjustable, Flexile Desk Lamp Neck: Position Light Where your need it and it stays where you need it. 3-Stage Dimmer with Even Light Distribution: Touch Panel 3 Level Dimmer with High Quality Light Illumination makes the perfect desk lamp for your child’s room. Completely Customizable Color Changing Base: Set the base to any color you like in the RGB spectrum, Blue, Purple, and Green, Yellow or anything in between. Or allow the base to cycle through the colors in a slow color changing phase. Energy Efficient and Safe to touch: The beauty of LED bulbs is that they use very little electricity and allow them to run at a cool temperature. This desk lamp is a much safer alternative to a incandescent desk lamp and uses 85% less electricity. Included In Box: Color Changing Desk Lamp Power Adaptor USB Cable Product Manual

Item Number: 46516-20-FBA-

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