Dragonfly Ultrasonic Outdoor Pest Repeller


When the animals come into protection areas of the device, the device will emit high frequency ultrasound and strong flash, alarm, fowls & beasts sounds, making animals feel sick and panic then run away from the ultrasonic range. With variable frequency can prevent the immunity of the animals, to achieve better effect.

Partners echoing function: When the device detects the uninvited animals, will evoke the same devices nearby working and drive away the animals together.


  • Power supply by solar energy, and store the electric in 3*AA rechargeable batteries.
  • PIR + Ultrasonic + strong flash light + Alarm + Fowls & beasts sounds.
  • Lighting function: when required, LED lights can continuously keep working for dozens of hours.
  • Plastic tube, waterproof.
Item Number: DF-3060

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