Dragonfly Solar Ultrasonic Multifunction Animal Repeller


Motion Activated Ultrasonic Sound and Light Animal Repeller

A strong ultrasonic signal frightens the animals. The animals avoid the area because of its unpleasant ultrasonic sound. The sound is activated when an animal enters the range. 
A strong light also flashes to scare the animals. The strong flashing is activated when an animal enters the sensor range.


Select the Frequency to target animals which are causing the problems.
Button "FREQ" Position:
- 1: 13.5kHz-17.5kHz Repels animals such as mice, small rodents, ...
- 2: 15.5kHz-19.5kHz Repels animals such as large dogs, foxes ...
- 3: 19.5kHz-23.5kHz Repels animals such as small dogs, cat, bird ...
- 4: Strong flashing
- 5: All function working, sweep frequency from mode 1 -- mode 2 -- mode 3, and turn on strong flashing


Power Supply: 3 x AA batteries
Effective distance: till max 8m (depending on weather and surroundings)
Detecting angel: 110° horizontal (depending on weather and surroundings)
Fully waterproof.

Item Number: DF-3030

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