Dragonfly Motion Activated Sprinkler Animal Repeller


This device is applicable to outdoor gardens, orchard, nurseries etc. When the uninvited animals enter into the PIR area, it will sprinkle water through the cyclone nozzle and emit strong flash light to repel the animals.

Startling Burst of Water: Keeps unwanted animals out of garden, yard and ponds.


  1. Powered by Solar Energy, with 3*AA 800MAH rechargeable batteries.
  2. Solar panel with cardan shaft, easy to adjust directions according to different operating environment, makes it capture solar energy in longest time to assure adequate energy supply.
  3. plastic stands, easy and convenient to install.
  4. PIR sensor angle: 120°,adjustable sensitivity
  5. Reasonable switches can be choose, 0--off, 1-7 working day and night for different distance, 8-- working only at night only.
  6. With adjustable spray Angle and distance
Item Number: DF-3020

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