Sheffield Home Non-Slip Dinosaur Baby Hangers (Pack of 8)

$16.95 $21.95

Pack of 8 dinosaur baby hangers with a soft fabric coating
Felt fabric design with dinosaur motif
Perfect size for children's clothing
Super slim design that maximizes closet space

Hang clothing neatly in your little one's closet with this set of 8 baby hangers from Sheffield Home. These Non-Slip Dinosaur Baby Hangers have a small shape and a super slim design with a non-slip fabric coating that holds clothing in place and prevents even wide-neck garments from slipping off and landing on the closet floor. The small silver hanger hooks and the slim profile of the hanger itself makes it easy to maximize storage space inside a small child's closet. The cut out design of the hanger provides a bottom rung for added storage and allows you to use one hanger to hang matching tops and pants for little boys or hang coordinating dresses and leggings for little girls.

The hangers have a soft and luxurious feel that keeps clothing in place and gently rounded edges that prevent the shoulders of garments from getting those unsightly hanger marks. In comparison to traditional plastic hangers, the super slim shape allows you to store more hangers on a closet rod.

The next time you give a baby shower gift or send a sweet newborn a darling little outfit to wear when they get home from the hospital, toss the plastic hangers that baby clothes are often sold on and include a set of these convenient hangers instead. Giving a gift already placed on a hanger makes it easier for new moms and dads who have their hands full with diaper changes and feedings. These baby hangers can also be used to hang linens or keepsake blankets that mom and dad aren't quite ready to part with.

Item Number: STR-BY-10617-NAV-FBA-

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