Home Accents – Set Of Three Wood Storage Bins With Printed Front Panel – Wooden Crates – Wood Storage Boxes – Open Storage Bins – Shabby Chic – Vintage – Rustic Décor –

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SET OF THREE OPEN TOP WOOD STORAGE BINS: With an open top and a simple rectangular design, this set of wood storage bins can be used to hold all sorts of items around the house.
PRINTED FABRIC PANELS AND PAINTED TOP EDGES ADD A DECORATIVE TOUCH: These storage bins feature printed fabric panels that add a decorative touch and a painted top edge that gives them a rustic, shabby chic look.
MADE FROM DURABLE WOOD WITH A DISTRESSED FINISH: Made from durable, natural wood planks, these storage bins have a weathered, aged look that makes them perfect for use in any room that needs a touch of vintage-inspired charm.
CAN BE USED TO HOLD ALL SORTS OF HOUSEHOLD ITEMS: These open storage bins are perfect for holding toys, games, art supplies, magazines, books, clothing, accessories, and all types of household items.

Made from durable wood construction and detailed with fabric panels and a distressed painted top edge, these storage bins add rustic charm and a convenient storage solution to any room of the home. The Home Accents – Set Of Three Wood Storage Bins With Printed Front Panel includes one small, one medium, and one large wooden crate, each of which is detailed with a vintage-inspired fabric panel and a painted top edge that adds a distinctive touch. Sized to hold all sorts of household items, these wood storage boxes are perfect for use in any bedroom, family room, home office, or mud room.In a family room or a playroom, these storage bins can be used to hold children’s games, building blocks, pet toys, magazines, and all types of miscellaneous household items. In a bedroom, these bins offer stylish storage for seasonal clothing, personal effects, handbags, scarves, belts, and all sorts of personal accessories. These wooden storage crates can also be used to add a stylish touch to a home office, where you can use them to store books and files, tech gadgets and computer accessories, photo albums, and personal keepsakes. Measures: Large L:17.5 in x W:12 in. x H:12 in.
Medium L:15.5 in x W:10.5 in. x H:10.5 in.
Small L:13 in x W:9.5 in. x H:9.5 in.
Item Number: STR-B-W101L-ADK-FBA-

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