Canvas Storage Bins with Rope Handles


Ditch the traditional laundry baskets and plastic storage bins and opt for something a little more stylish with this set of nested laundry and storage baskets from Raymond Waites. The Raymond Waites Canvas Storage Bins with Rope Handles are made from durable cotton canvas fabric and are available in a variety of stylish allover prints with distinctive details that make it easy to organize different items inside. This set includes one extra-large, one large, one medium, and one small sized storage basket, each of which is detailed with woven basket grab handles for easy carrying and a metal name plate that allows you to mark the bin so that you know what?s inside. When using the set as laundry storage, mark the ID tag to differentiate between what bins contain clothing, undergarments, socks, summer clothes, or baby bibs. If the set of baskets is for a family to share, each bin can be labeled with a different person?s name for easy identification. Each printed storage bin is also detailed with a contrast color drawstring liner that cinches closed at the top to conceal the items inside. The bins are perfect for holding clean or dirty laundry, craft supplies, children?s toys, or small personal items that can easily cause clutter in a room. The nested design makes it perfect for use in a closet, on shelves, or in a small bedroom where storage space may be limited. In the winter, you can use these bins to hold summer clothes. In the summer, use them to hold heavy sweaters and long layers that you won?t need to access every day. Available in a range of stylish allover prints, these colorful canvas storage bins are ideal for use in dorm rooms where organization is key and in home offices where items need to be kept within easy reach but don?t need to be in your line of sight at all times. The range of small to extra-large bins makes it a cinch to separate and organize items for use in just about any room of the house.

Item Number: STR-B-T1022-TIN-FBA-

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