Lidded Nylon Nested Laundry Hamper with Handles (Set of 3)

$79.95 $89.95

Set of three Clothing Hampers (Nested)
Made from nylon fabric with faux leather handles for easy carrying to and from your laundry room
Decorated with a flip top lid and a graphic wash/dry/iron accent on the front
Decorative Side Panel Wash Sign

Laundry day won’t feel like a horrible chore if you take small steps to separate your clothing throughout the week, and this set of three nested hampers lets you do just that. The Lidded Nylon Nested Laundry Hamper with Handles (Set of 3) is made from durable nylon fabric and features a set of three structured storage baskets with flip top lids and faux leather handles for easy carrying. Detailed with the wash, iron, and dry graphics that you find on care labels inside your garments, this set of laundry hampers includes one small, one medium, and one large basket to help you sort your whites from your darks and your delicates.Use the small hamper to collect delicate items that need to be hand washed, reserve the medium sized hamper for whites, socks, and undergarments, and use the largest basket as a convenient place to stash all of your other dirty clothes. Placed side by side in the same bedroom or closet, these hampers make it much easier to do different loads of laundry because you won’t have to sort and separate items stashed in one giant basket. The three piece design also allows for the versatility to put different baskets in different rooms so that various members of the family can each have their own stylish hamper. Choose from black or grey colors to coordinate with your room décor or suit your personal style.Set of 3Measures Large: L:18 in. x W:13.5 in. x H:20.5 in.
Medium: L:16 in. x W:12.5 in. x H:20.0 in.
Small: L:14.5 in. x W:11.5 in. x H:19.5 in.