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Display your favorite family photos, show off pictures from your last fabulous vacation, or highlight photos of pets and friends with this collection of rustic wood picture frames. These rustic wooden frames have a distressed finish with gently weathered edges that allow the beauty of the natural wood to come through and beveled detailing that adds texture and provides dimension. The aged painted finish gives each frame a French country look that?s perfect for use in your rustic living room, vintage inspired home office, or shabby chic bedroom. These picture frames make the photos you choose to display look like treasured family heirlooms. These charming wood picture frames are available in a range of standard sizes for vertical and horizontal photo displays as well as a range of neutral and country cottage inspired colors. The neutral appeal makes it easy to position these frames anywhere around the house. The frames can be hung on a wall, leaned against a shelf, or positioned on bookcases and tabletops to bring a sense of family spirit and personal style into any living space. Whether you hang black and white photography, active images, or colorful prints, these frames make it easy to highlight the memories and the moments in life that are near and dear to your heart. Framed photos add a warm and inviting touch to any interior space. With so many photos taken and stored on digital devices, choosing a special photo to frame and display seems even more meaningful now than it did years ago. To make a real design impact, cluster multiple frames in different sizes and different colors together on one wall or on one shelf. To pay honor or tribute to a certain loved one or a special event, place just one frame in a central location of the home where everyone will see it. Almost nothing makes a home feel more personal than having framed family photos on display for everyone to see.