Home Accents Picture Frame / Photo Frame

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Matted Wooden Picture Frame / Photo Frame 11x14 mat to 8x10 Inches (Distressed White)
Ridges edges and a distressed finish give it a casual, rustic look
Perfect for displaying small art prints or photos of family and friends
Includes a two-way easel stand for vertical or horizontal photos
Measures: 11x14 mat to 8x10 Inches

Home Accents Wooden Picture Frame / Photo Frame Display a special photo of family pets, relatives, or friends inside this classic wooden picture frame from Home Accents. The Home Accents Wooden Picture Frame / Photo Frame is made from durable wood and features a classic rectangular shape with ridged edges, a light brown finish, and distressed accents that give it a casual, rustic look. Perfect for use in any room in your home or office, this versatile wood frame can be used in either the horizontal or vertical position. The back is detailed with a two-way easel stand so that it can be placed on a tabletop or hung on a wall.Use this photo frame to display a favorite image from a great vacation, a family reunion, a child’s birthday party, or a night out with friends. The neutral light brown color makes it perfect for framing a colored picture or a classic black and white image and the minimalist, rectangular frame does not detract from the image itself. This frame can also be used to hold smaller images with a simple white mat board around the image or a colorful double mat to add a pop of color that accentuates the image in the photo. Perfect for the home decorator who loves to fill their home with photos of family, friends, and cherished memories, this rustic wooden frame adds a touch of casual beauty to any room. For a simple look, display one frame in a prominent position to call attention to a treasured image. For a unique decorative look that expresses your personal sense of style, hang multiple frames together on a wall in various vertical and horizontal orientations. By hanging multiple frames together, you can create an impactful display in your home or office. If you don’t like to display personal photos, this wooden picture frame can easily be used to frame small art prints or vintage postcards that have a special meaning.
Item Number: FRM-5H90-14M-DSW-FBA-

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