Home Accents Romantic Scalloped Oval Picture Frame / Photo Frame


Inspired by the design of vintage frames that were once prominently displayed in Victorian homes, this frame has a charming, antiqued look that appears as though it has survived through the centuries. The Home Accents Romantic Scalloped Oval Picture Frame / Photo Frame 2.5 x 3.5 features a small oval shape with intricately carved, scalloped edges, textured beadwork details around the perimeter, and a distressed finish that gives it a weathered, aged appeal. Romantic and rustic at the same time, this distinctive frame is perfect for framing old family portraits, photos of ancestors and relatives, current photos of children and pets, or even small art prints that you want to hang or put on display. Fill this frame with a picture of a loved one and place it on a bedside table. Use it to hold a treasured childhood memory and hang it on a wall in your entry way or office. Choose it to display a shot of an ancestor or relative and hang it on a dining room wall or accent wall amongst an assortment of other frames in different sizes and textures. A two-way easel stand on the back allows you to display photos in vertical or horizontal orientation.This 2.5 in. x 3.5 in. frame is available in a distressed grey finish as well as an ivory finish, both of which can be easily incorporated into any shabby chic or rustic room design. No matter what type of photo you choose to display inside, the ornate edging makes the frame itself an eye-catching accent piece in any room. To create an interesting and unexpected decorative display, combine this frame on a shelf or table top with stacks of books, vases, and candleholders to create a room filled with depth, texture, and a touch of personal style.

Item Number: FRM-5E26-23-DG1-FBA-

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