Parisian Home – 11 x 14 Shadow Box – Hanging Picture Frame – Photo Frame – Scrapbook Page Display – Postcard Display Frame

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11 X 14 SHADOW BOX – HANGING PICTURE FRAME: With a classic design that can be easily coordinated with any type of home décor, this shadow box is perfect for displaying all sorts of photos, images, and personal treasures.
DISPLAY YOUR FAVORITE IMAGES AND NOTES: This shadow box can be used to display scrapbook pages, note cards, postcards, treasured letters, pictures, or artwork.
SIMPLE DESIGN THAT COORDINATES WITH ANY TYPE OF HOME DÉCOR: Whether you mount it or prop it up on an accent shelf, this shadow box photo frame has a versatile appeal that can be displayed in a bedroom, home office, living room, or family room.
EASY TO WIPE CLEAN: This display frame can be easily wiped clean with a dry cloth.

Display your favorite scrapbook pages, a collage of treasured photos, or a colorful collection of postcards and note cards in this classic shadow box picture frame from Parisian Home. The Parisian Home – 11 x 14 Shadow Box – Hanging Picture Frame – Photo Frame features a simple, classic design with a beveled edge in solid black that gives it a traditional look and makes it easy to coordinate with any type of casual or contemporary décor.

Easy to hang or prop up on a shelf in a bedroom, living room, or home office, this versatile shadow box is perfect for the home decorator who wants to add a touch of personal style to their living space. This shadow box can be used to hold artwork, a collection of family photos from a vacation or a special event, or any combination of letters, notes, pictures, and postcards that have a special meaning.

Item Number: FRM-4Y42-14-BLK-FBA-

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