Distressed Wood Framed Wall Message Wire Board

$59.95 $89.99

Wood framed chicken wire message board
Medium density fiberboard wood frame with a distressed finish that gives it a rustic look
Chicken wire board can be used to hold note cards, reminders, lists, photos, and keepsakes
Perfect for use in a kitchen, mud room, bedroom, or office
Measures 24 in. x 36 in.

Hang and display mementos, messages, reminders, and to-do lists on the surface of this rustic chicken wire memo board from Home Office Collection. The Distressed Wood Framed Wall Message Wire Board Distressed Black features a medium density fiberboard wood frame in a gently distressed, weathered black finish that gives it a vintage-inspired, rustic look. The interior of the frame is filled with a panel of mesh chicken wire that adds to its farmhouse-style appeal and makes it easy to hang and attach all sorts of items to its surface. The frame and surface give it a casual look that’s perfect for use in any traditional home, country cabin, or urban loft decorated with antique charm.This chicken wire message board can be hung in a kitchen, mud room, or office as a way to display shopping lists, family chore lists, calendar pages, school and work schedules, or recipe cards for meals you want to make or ingredients you need to pick up from the store. Use it to hang note cards, wedding and party invitations, or even a few special family photos that you want to put on display. In an office, this message board can be used to hang memos, business cards, or reminders about important deadlines or upcoming events. The versatile design also makes it suitable for use in a bedroom, where it can be used to hang earrings, necklaces, or other small keepsakes and personal treasures. No matter where you place it or what you use it for, this distressed wire board adds a touch of country charm and casual function to any interior space.
Item Number: FRM-4S07-39-DTB-FBA-

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